Award Nomination Information

Every year at the IAHPERD convention professionals are honored for the contributions that have been made to their profession and the Iowans they teach and come in contact with. We have a membership filled with talented individuals that have not been acknowledged with an award.  I know from experience that being an award winner changes your professional life in a very positive way.  It gave me greater credibility among my peers and from administrators.  It opened new doors to professional opportunities.  I felt validated for all that I had already done and believed in. 

Please nominate someone for an IAHPERD award!!  Its easy….
Step One:  Email me with the subject line “IAHPERD Award Nomination”
Step Two:  The body of your email should contain the nominee’s name, phone number, email address, the name of the award for which the person is being nominated and your name. 
Step Three:  Hit the send button and smile with the satisfaction that you just made someone’s day, month,year, or career for being recognized for a job well done!!  

Below are the IAHPERD awards in need of nominations each year:

* Elementary Physical Educator of the Year

* Middle School Physical Educator of the Year

* Secondary Physical Educator of the Year

* Adapted Physical Educator of the Year.

* Dance Educator of the Year

* Health Educator of the Year

* Distinguished Service Award–5 year member of IAHPERD, five years of professional involvement, distinguished professional service.

* Honor Award (to be the highest award IAHPERD bestows upon recipients.) A member of IAHPERD, 10 years of professional involvement, distinctive leadership, distinguished and meritorious service.

If you are nominated, you will be notified by me and receive a packet of information requesting further information.  It is a great honor to be nominated and to receive the award provides an educator with more opportunities for networking, recognition, and credibility.

Please submit your nominations no later than May 15, 2021.
Please contact Jen Neubauer – Recognition Committee Chairperson with any nominations or questions: